AccessAngel - The Security Guard
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There are situations, where we do not want other people in the same room to look at our screen or even search the computer while we are absent. But logging off and on every time, even if you just go around the corner is very tiring. And typing your password many times a day can be a security problem as well, as somebody might watch your fingers.

AccessAngel helps you to avoid this annoying situation by locking your computer automatically as soon as the distance between your mobile phone and your computer becomes greater than 10 meters. And the best - AccessAngel unlocks your computer automatically as soon as you come back.

How does it work? That's easy. You just need a mobile phone with Bluetooth or any other mobile device such as an PDA or a Smartphone with Bluetooth. AccessAngel then scans the environment for your mobile phone. When you leave your computer (and take your mobile phone with you) AccessAngel notices this and locks your computer. As soon as AccessAngel receives the signal from your mobile again your computer will be unlocked automatically.

AccessAngel is highly secure, offers many features and is still easy to use. It runs on virtually every operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and with every mobile phone supporting Bluetooth. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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